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Are You Licensed to Run Your Business?

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When you register a business name your own identity is connected with it and the government maintains records so that if in future there is a liability on your business, it can be connected to you. You are allowed to pick a name of your choice as your business name, but if the name is already taken by someone else then you will not be allowed to use that name for your business unless you are in a totally unrelated business.

That is why business naming should be done carefully and you should file DBA only after checking that the name is available. For that a search for the business name can be conducted and the report will tell you whether that name is available. If the name is available you can register the business name.

Business name registration will allow you to enter into contract with that fictitious name, open bank account, and cash checks for the business name. The registered name also gives you the safety of exclusivity because no other company in the same field will be allowed to operate with that name.

That is why it is very important to have a DBA, and you should get one even before you start doing business.

Registering a business name requires you to disclose a lot of information and filling up the form itself requires knowledge of the legal framework and requirements. That is why many individuals feel lost when confronted with the paperwork. Luckily it is not vital to do all the formalities yourself and you can hire a consultant who can carry out the formalities on your behalf.

Since so many business need to file DBA, there is a pretty big number of consultants specializing in this all over America. Many local lawyers practicing company law also provided DBA filing and consultancy services. If you need advice, you can contact a lawyer or look online for help on filing a DBA.

The consultant will check your form for inaccuracies advise you on name selection as per the local laws, and help you get your DBA application through as soon as possible with minimum expense.

These days even online websites have emerged to provide DBA consultancy and filing services. You can place a request online, get a quick quote, make your documents and the agency will file the DBA application on your behalf and carry out all the formalities. This removes the hassle from business name registration.

Protecting Your Assets, Why You Should Incorporate Today

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What many small business owners don’t realize is that you don’t have to be a huge company to incorporate. There are many benefits to incorporating your business whether you own a small company, large company, or even a simple home business. Not only will you build instant credibility and get numerous tax breaks, but incorporating your company is one of the best ways to protect your personal assets.

While there are numerous advantages, one of the most significant benefits to incorporating your company is that it becomes its own entity. This means that your business liability is separate from your personal liability. Businesses usually have a higher liability risk than individuals normally do, but when you operate as a sole proprietor your personal assets and your business assets are combined. This means if for some reason someone sues you, even if it’s because of a business transaction, your personal assets are in danger. You could easily lose your home or anything else you own. This can be avoided through incorporation.

Once your business is incorporated it is separated from you personally. This means you have personal finances and business finances. It means you complete your taxes personally and have taxes prepared for your business. Above all, it means your personal assets are not at risk if a business liability issue arises. If someone sues your company they are not suing you personally and they are not able to touch your personal assets and visa versa. If someone is suing you personally, your business won’t be affected.

If protecting all of your assets, both personal and business is your goal then incorporating is a wise step to take. You can incorporate yourself; hire an accountant to help you, or even one of the numerous online companies that specialize in incorporating businesses. Protecting yourself and your business is easier than it may seem!