Raise Your Quills and Profit in 3 Easy Steps

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What does a hedgehog have to do with increasing your income and profits? Everything, if you’ve read Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great.

The lessons learned in Collins’ book is focus doing ONE thing really well, be passionate about what you’re doing, know the profit drivers in your business, and you’ll generate higher income and profits.

Think about a hedgehog for a moment. His only defense against his predators (which would be your competitors) is to raise his quills. He outwits his predators and ‘wins’ by doing one thing very well-defending himself.

You can ‘act like a hedgehog’ by making sure you focus on exercising your natural strengths and talents in your business—and have other people do the things you’re not really good at doing.

For example, if you are great at speaking and writing, but are not very good at bookkeeping—write and speak, but have someone else play with and crunch the numbers.

The Hedgehog Concept contains three important points. To become successful, you must only do what you:

1. Are passionate about doing.

2. Can be the best in the world at doing

3. Can make money, increase your income, and profit while doing it

Without all three factors working together, you are doomed to mediocrity, and being a ‘non-player’ in your market.

Take a look at your own profession and single out the people who are very successful. Why do you think they are successful? I bet you’d find these people apply their time and energy doing activities they have a natural talent for doing.

If you apply the principles of the Hedgehog Concept, it becomes clear this is a formula you can follow to figure out where you excel. The result is you will increase your income and be more profitable in business!

Finding Your Personal Hedgehog Concept

You can identify your Hedgehog Concept by doing a ‘Personal Hedgehog Inventory’. The great thing about doing a Personal Hedgehog Inventory is it tells you to “do” certain activities; “stop” doing some activities; and “continue” with other activities. This process helps you confront the truth about:

* What you are passionate about

* What you have a natural talent for doing

* How you can make money, increase income, and profit

By applying the Personal Hedgehog Inventory, you will identify a path to greater joy and passion in your life, as well as increase your income and success in business!

FREE Lead Generation For Your Home Based Business – UK and Beyond

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If you do not agree, then I wish you good luck with your business, this article is not for you!

Right, so you’re still here? Good, we are in agreement.

Basically in most MLM or Home based business, UK or worldwide you have 3 main sources of leads:

1) Your friends and family (warm list)

2) Pay for leads

3) Generate your own?

Option 1 and 2 are well known. But have you considered generating your own targeted leads?

How about generating them for no cost? Well I will like to explain how you can do this.

A) Psychology and Mind set – To grasp this concept you need to change your current mindset. Our objective is to turn the tables on our prospects and get the Home Business Lead to come to us.

The quickest way to achieve this is to position yourself as an expert, rather than a seller.

The best person to explain this in fine detail is Mike Dillard. But in general terms you need to put yourself out there via web content and those that believe you are attractive will have a compelling urge to contact you about your Home based business, UK or worldwide.

B) Plan – I am sure you’ve heard of the saying “fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”, well that is so true.

You need to create a daily plan of action to create content that will attract your prospects.

For example create short 2 minute videos that help the Home Business Lead/prospect in your business target market, or write some articles giving good valuable information. If people like your content they will become very interested in YOU.

C) Persistence – One of the biggest misconceptions in marketing in this way is believing this will be easy, and the Home Business Lead will come over night.

Unfortunately it will take a lot of hard work to begin with, with few results. But if you work hard, persistently the effort will pay off for years to come.

D) System – Before you start marketing for your leads you need to have a fine tuned sales funnel in place. This will maximise the value of each lead that is generated by your business.

What I am suggesting is a sales funnel to send your leads down to generate as much value for your prospect, and cash flow for your business.

Using this system will mean even if the prospect does not join or buy from your Home based business, UK or worldwide you will still make money!

I hope this has helped you to look at lead generation for your business in a new efficient and cost effective way.

To your success!